Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas is Here

Hello everybody, this is Kevin from KlotzProductions and it is Christmas day.

My second channel KlotzSquared is now OFFICIALLY online.  The first real video for the channel is online today.  It is an unboxing for the Happauge High Definition Personal Video Recorder or HD PVR for short, that I am going to be using to capture all of my gaming footage.  There are also a few video capture quality tests at the end of the video you can check out.  You can watch that video here...

Here is a list of some of the things I plan on working on for the channel.

COD Black Ops: gameplay commentaries
COD Black Ops: walkthrough on veteran 
Resident Evil: 1-3 + 5: Full walkthrough on hardest difficulty
Bioshock: walkthrough on hardest difficulty
Halo: Reach: gameplay commentaries
Videogame montage/music video
Left 4 Dead 2: Live gameplay with subscribers

Anything else I feel like or you all would like to see.

As far as the giveaway goes for the Magic the Gathering channel, we did not reach the lowest goal which was 2,500 subscribers.... we ended up getting a little over 2,100.  So "officially" I wasn't going to be able to give out any cards.  However, I am going to talk with the store manager at Something 2 Do to see if he will give away the five free packs anyway because 500 subs in a little over a month is pretty good and I want to reward you all for your efforts.  So keep watching for updates on her and KlotzProductions to figure out exactly what I will be doing when I find out.

So that is pretty much it for today.  Hope everybody has a good Holiday whatever you celebrate.

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