Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Job and other stuff

Hey everybody, it's Kevin again.

I haven't written a blog update in a while so I figured I would go ahead and do so to let you all know what is going on with me.

First of all I haven't been posting all that many videos lately because I recently got a new job working at a television station and so I have been really busy, and tired.  But I am in the process of editing new gameplays and they should be online before too long. 

Until then though I put together a booster pack unpacking of 12 booster packs I got for getting third place at the New Phyrexia launch party.  So head over to the channel and check it out if you haven't already.

Other than that I have been uploading lots of Gears of War 3 beta gameplays on my second gaming channel.  I have recorded enough footage to upload one game a day until launch day on September 20th.  At that point I plan on playing through the campaign with my friend and uploading that for you all to see as well.  I also plan on trying to put together a Gears of War 3 Beta montage and uploading it on the 4th of July.  We will see how that goes though.  So if you like Gears of War you should definitely head on over there and check out those videos.  And if you like videogames in general be sure to subscribe and support the channel.

That is pretty much it for now though.  As always, you can access both of my youtube channels and the KlotzProductions facebook page by clicking on the image links at the top of the blog.

So until next time, I will see you all later!