Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Black/Red Zombies Vs Fateful Hour Game01

Hello everybody, this is Kevin from KlotzProductions and welcome back to another Magic the Gathering gameplay commentary. For today's match we have Lars playing his Black/Red Zombies deck again and he is going up against David who is playing his Fateful Hour deck. Like the name suggests, the idea of David's deck is to get down to 5 life as quick as possible and then defeat his opponent quickly by flooding the board with cards like Gather the Townsfolk and pumping them up with Thraben Doomsayer and Gavony Ironwright. So let's get started.

After tying on the dice roll two times in a row, Lars finally won the roll on the third try and chose to be on the play. Both players kept their opening seven and then Lars started off by using a swamp to play a Gravecrawler. David then used a plains along with two life to play a Vault Skirge on turn one. Lars then laid down a mountain and played a Blood Artist and then attacked with his Gravecrawler which David just took going down to 16. David played a second Skirge going to 14 and then attacked with the first one going back to 15 and taking Lars to 19.

Lars played both a Tragic Slip and a Galvanic blast at the same time on his next turn targeting each of David's Skirges, so David chose to pay two more life going to 13 to cast an Apostle's Blessing and save his untapped Skirge. His other Skirge then died and Lars took one life from David with his Blood Artist going back to 20 and taking David to 12. Lars then attacked with his Gravecrawler again which David took going down to 10 life. David played a Thraben Doomsayer on his next turn and then attacked with his Skirge again taking one life back from Lars. Lars resolved a Vampire Nighthawk on his next turn and then hit David with his Gravecrawler again taking him to 9. David played a second Doomsayer but chose not to attack due to the wall that Lars' Nighthawk was putting up against him and just passed the turn.

Lars hit his 4th land drop which was a Dragonskull Summit and then used a Skinrender to kill one of the Doomsayers. In response David made himself a Human token and then when it died Lars took another life from David with his Blood Artist. Lars then attacked with his Gravecrawler along with his Nighthawk this time taking David down to 4 turning on his fateful hour and went up to 22 himself. David played a Gather the Townsfolk on his next turn to get himself five more humans but chose to pass without attacking.

Lars sent his whole team at David on his next turn except for his Blood Artist however David used a Faith's Shield to give himself protection from black and stop all of the damage. This is actually a point were I feel that David make a critical mistake in his game. Since he had fateful hour going he could have given all of his creatures protection from black allowing him to block and kill all of the attackers and also not take any damage from the dying due to the Blood Artist since the Artist would not have been able to target David this turn due to the protection. He would have also gained 3 life off of the Skirge. However David either missed this option or just chose not to play it out that way.

David made another human with his Doomsayer at the end of the turn and then attacked with all of his humans along with his Skirge on his next turn. Lars blocked one of the humans with his Blood Artist taking one life from David with it's death and then went to to 2 life after combat. David also went back up to 6. At then end of the turn however, Lars used a Brimstone Volley to hit David for another 5 damage taking him down to 1 and with the ability to swing for lethal next turn David scooped it up giving Lars the win and taking them to game two.

So that will be it for this gameplay commentary, I hope you all enjoyed it. Be sure to check out KlotzProductions on youtube to watch this and many other MTG gameplays and then come back next time for game two of this match!

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