Thursday, October 4, 2012

Black/Red Zombies Vs Fateful Hour Game02

Hello everybody, this is Kevin from KlotzProductions and welcome back to game two of the match between Black/Red Zombies and Fateful Hour.

David was on the play this time and started out by playing a Plains and passing and then Lars laid down a Swamp and played a Diregraf Ghoul which came into play tapped. David then laid down a Swamp of his own and cast an Immolating Souleater. Lars attacked with his Ghoul which David didn't block going down to 18. Then post combat Lars used a Tragic Slip to kill David's Souleater. David played a Thraben Doomsayer on his next turn and then Lars played a Blood Artist and attacked with his Ghoul once again taking David to 16.

David went to 14 on his turn to cast a Gitaxian Probe and take a look at Lars' hand revealing a Swamp, Dragonskull Summit, Brimstone Volley and Geralf's Messenger. He then played a Champion of the Parish and followed it up with a Mortarpod. Lars laid down the Summit on his turn and played a freshly drawn Gravecrawler. He then used the Volley on David's Doomsayer so in response David made himself a human token pumping his champion. He also sacrificed the germ on the Mortarpod to kill the Blood Artist before the Volley resolved but Lars still took two life from David with the Artist taking David down to 12 and going up to 22 himself.

On David's next turn he just attached his Mortarpod to his Champion and passed it back and then Lars played his Geralf's Messenger which came into play tapped and dropped David down to 10 life. However, at the end of the turn David used a Celestial Purge to exile the Messenger. David just played draw-go again on his next turn though and then Lars played a Skinrender. When it came into play he targeted the Champion with it's ability, so in response David just sacrificed the Champion to do one damage to the Gravecrawler and kill it. Lars then attacked with his Ghoul once again and David didn't block so went down to 8 life.

David equipped his Mortarpod to his token this time and passed again, then Lars cast a second Geralf's Messenger taking David down to 6. Lars then attacked with his Skinrender so David just chump blocked it with his germ and then after declaring blockers he sacrificed the germ to do one damage to Lars taking him to 21. Then at the end of the turn, David paid two more life going down to 4 to cast a Dismember and kill the Messenger. The Messenger came back with undying though and dropped David to 2. David then played a Gather the Townsfolk on his turn and got himself five human tokens due to fateful hour. He then followed it by playing a Gavony Ironwright which pumped all of his humans into 2/5 creatures forming a considerable army. It was too little to late for David though because Lars drew a Mortarpod of his own which he was able to use to throw a germ along with his Gravecrawler at David finishing him off and giving Lars the win to the game and the match.

So that is it for this match, I hope you all enjoyed it. Be sure to check out KlotzProductions on Youtube to watch this gameplay along with many other Magic the Gathering games and then come back next time for more MTG action.

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